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Oncology / Hematology

Cancer research is one of the most prominent areas of research and development globally. Clinical trials in oncology and hematology are highly trending with the biggest number of R&D pharmacological products for the last decades. The rise of immuno-oncology, as well as gene and cell therapies are already generating significant clinical results, with novel mechanisms of action showing promise in the near future.
Lung cancer is not only identified as the most common tumor disease, but it also triggers the most cancer deaths worldwide. Mortality rates of lung cancer shockingly seeks nearly two million every year. While avoiding the key risk factor like tobacco (including both smoking cigarettes and using smokeless tobacco) is the first and crucial step, lung cancer clinical trials are also extremely essential to discover agents which could modify standards of cancer treatment. Promising results against brain metastases are demonstrated by a new medication AZD3759 and there are also some newly approved immune checkpoint inhibitors for use in advanced lung cancer treatment.

When it comes to the most common cancer in women, the number one with about a quarter of new-found cases is breast cancer. Although widely applied screening consists of mammography and clinical breast exam, permanent investment in breast cancer clinical trials is a must. Drugs like Alpelisib, Talazoparib or Trastuzumab with Hyaluronidase stay as fresh treatment approaches. Breast cancer also stands as ovarian cancer risk factor and it is similarly essential to pursue ovarian cancer clinical trials.
A considerable progress was made in the field of hematology clinical trials and some medications for multiple myeloma came to the market. This disease is also known as blood cancer which arises from plasma cells. There are recently released drugs on the market such as selective inhibitor of nuclear export Selinexor, histone deacetylase Panobinostat, monoclonal antibodies Daratumumab and Elotuzumab. Unfortunately, physicians even now cannot perfectly cure multiple myeloma and the only way to help patients is coping with symptoms and complications.

of Our Total Experience is in Oncology / Hematology

Most of Biomapas expertise in clinical operations is gathered in Oncology and Hematology. Within two decades of experience our team has gained broad experience while carrying out studies in oncology and hematology in various therapeutic indications such as lymphoma, anemia, multiple myeloma, thrombocythemia, gynaecology cancers, lung, various skin cancers and many more in phase I -IV studies.

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