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Endocrinology, intertwined with metabolism, is a popular area of clinical research and development. With worldwide health issues such as obesity and diabetes on the rise, the need for endocrinological clinical trials to overcome them is in great demand.
New advances in the application of nanotechnology during clinical trials show a variety of potential possibilities and tools (for instance nanobots, nanoparticles or nanochips) that can be used in creating better and more efficient targeted therapies. With the help of nanotechnology, metabolic complications such as insulin resistance and dyslipidemia could be addressed in the forms of drug delivery, epigenetic as well as genetic therapeutics and nutraceuticals.
Novelty of digital medicine also keeps the pace of endocrinology innovation. Modern software and gadgets allow to properly diagnose diseases such as type 1 and type 2 diabetes as early as possible. Advanced endocrinological clinical trials expects to facilitate daily monitoring by apps usage of diabetes status as well as its progression.

With the emergence of insulin resistance – the driving force behind type 2 diabetes – clinical research in the field of endocrinology is more relevant than ever. With the mechanism of action being illuminated in the past few years, the development of new therapeutics aimed at combating insulin resistance have the potential of helping millions of people across the globe. Trends of diabetes clinical trials are about advances in technology for example wearable or implanted medical devices with special sensors for constant glucose level monitoring.
Weight loss clinical trials also worth mentioning as numbers of overweight and obesity have reached historic highs worldwide. There are a variety of weight loss methods being researched by the scientists: use of modern devices, advantages of natural gastrointestinal tract flora, individualized drug, physical activity and diet combinations. Pregnancy weight gain is also continuously studied to broaden our knowledge of the relationship between maternal weight gain and overall condition after giving birth.

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