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Allergy Immunology

Nowadays allergy and immune system topics are trending among the society. Both fields of allergy and immunology ensure the control of all conditions and disorders associated with the immune system. These diseases manifest in the most unexpected ways due to malfunction of the human body’s defense system. Abnormal reactions of immune system are being studied to understand pathological mechanisms and provide a solution for patients having problems with their own immunity. Food allergy is one of the most common allergic reactions in the body. While people are using both definitions, it is essential to understand the difference between food intolerance and food allergy. First one is known as less serious condition which typically disturbs digestive system and nothing more. Food allergy tests are widely popular and help people to modify their nutrition routine by disposing of intolerable food products. Ongoing food oral immunotherapy studies demonstrate that patients achieve a short-term protective condition with desensitization but further investigations are needed.

Drug hypersensitivity is one type of adverse drug reactions and causes immune-mediated response to a medication. It can be additionally subdivided into immediate and delayed reactions with symptoms range from minor to serious. The main treatment option is discontinuation of a medication which affected a patient. Nevertheless, some latest drug hypersensitivity studies show that sometimes people with reported drug sensitivity are able to continue their treatment with a variation of low-dose.
Deficiency of the immune system leaves people unable to efficiently overcome infections and diseases. This disorder is identified as immunodeficiency and leads to severe conditions that require great effort and innovative solutions such as gene addition or gene editing. These techniques sound impressive and are only possible since the discovery of CRISPR/Cas9. Another treatment approach being investigated in immunodeficiency clinical trials is the injection of globulins. There are interferon-gamma or growth factors therapies, which also have the same objective to boost the immune system.

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