Dossier Development / Medical Writing

Our medical writers are qualified scientists with PhD degrees in the biomedical sciences and experience in pharmaceutical industry, clinical research organizations or academia. Therefore, Biomapas Medical Writers may support you with the preparation of documents required within clinical research, regulatory affairs or for scientific purposes. Our medical writers become an extension of your team by being flexible to your scope, using their expertise to guide you through your clinical data with a view to demonstrate the efficacy of your drug and improve patient safety.

We can prepare documents in accordance with your template and style guide, or use our own templates, in full compliance with national and international regulatory guidelines. All projects undergo thorough scientific, statistical, editorial and quality control review. Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance Medical Writing Services include:

  • Full Dossier development
  • Readability User Testing Reports or Bridging Reports (Module 1.3.4)
  • Risk Management Plans (1.8.2)
  • Environmental Risk Assessments (Module 1.6)
  • Quality Overall Summary (QOS) (Module 2.3)
  • Nonclinical Overview/Summary (Modules 2.4/2.6)
  • Clinical Overview/Summary (Modules 2.5/2.7)
  • Module 4 and Module 5
  • Summaries of product characteristics (SPCs) and Package leaflets (PL)
  • Periodic safety update reports (PSURs)

We are part of EMWA (European Medical Writers Association) since 2010.


For any inquiry regarding our services, please contact Biomapas Business Development team.